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Reactions to the Human Rights Council meeting; Amnesty International asked to collect evidence

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The first day of the 53rd meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, focusing on Afghan women and girls, was held in Genoa on Monday (June 19), and representatives of countries, international organizations, and Afghan women’s rights activists participated and spoke in this meeting.

In this meeting, concern was expressed about the discriminatory behavior against Afghan women and girls and it was said that the women and girls of this country have been removed from various social fields by issuing restrictive decrees.

Madina Mehboobi, an Afghan human rights activist, clearly stated in this meeting that Afghan girls and women have faced unprecedented restrictions and there are concerns about the future of millions of women and girls in this country.

He said: “When women and girls invest in their own lives, for a better future, a future that guarantees rights and freedom. A future where they are worried about their right to work and freedom of movement. These have now become dreams. Since the fall of Kabul, we have seen chaos. “Millions of women and girls inside the country wanted to stay and help for a positive change, but now their situation has become critical.”

According to Mahboubi, recent bans on women’s work in domestic and international organizations have worsened the situation and endangered the lives of thousands of women and girls. But their presence in a patriarchal society is vital to help the people.”

This human rights activist also asked the international community to interact with Kabul government officials to force them to respect the rights of women, human rights activists and journalists, and in this way, create a favorable environment for Afghanistan to achieve economic prosperity.

Simultaneously with the holding of the 50th meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the officials of the caretaker government of Kabul and a number of international organizations reacted to the presentation of reports in this meeting.

Zabihullah Mujahid considered the issues presented at the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council to be far from reality and called it a conspiracy against the Islamic Emirate.

On the other hand, Samira Hamidi, Amnesty International’s South Asia campaigner, added that the member countries of this organization should conduct a complete investigation regarding the sexual abuse of women and girls in Afghanistan and gain confidence in its results.

Welcoming the reports presented on the human rights situation of women and girls in Afghanistan, he emphasized that women and girls are targeted because of their gender.

According to Hamidi, the reports show that a campaign of sexual and systematic harassment has been launched in order to subjugate women in Afghanistan.

He asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to take measures to collect evidence and preserve it in order to prevent gender-based violence in Afghanistan.

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