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200,000 People Demand an End to Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Nearly 200,000 people worldwide have signed Amnesty International’s petition to put an end to human rights violations in Afghanistan.

The organization announced on Wednesday night (August 29) on the X network that the signatories of this petition have shown their support for the Afghan people’s rights to freedom, dignity, and equality.

Amnesty International launched this petition last year, calling on the Kabul interim government to end human rights violations in the country.

According to the organization, the security forces of the Kabul interim government not only failed to fulfill their promises to support the rights of the Afghan people but also flagrantly violated human rights with complete impunity.

The organization specifically mentioned the detention of journalists and the suppression of protesting girls, stating that the Kabul interim government must immediately cease violating their rights.

However, in the past three weeks, multiple reports have emerged of the detention of approximately ten local journalists.

Government officials have confirmed the detention of these journalists and stated that they were charged with collaborating with exile media and acting against the values of the Islamic Emirate.

Simultaneously, in response to inquiries from media support organizations, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate, had previously stated that these journalists would be released after their cases were reviewed.

Meanwhile, it was reported a few days ago that a local journalist who had been detained in Kandahar had been released.

Currently, it remains unclear how many journalists are being held in detention.

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