Interim Prime Minister of Pakistan: NATO’s leftover weapons in Afghanistan are being used against Pakistan

Bayan News – Amidst the deterioration of Kabul-Islamabad relations, a senior official of Pakistan claims that the weapons left behind by NATO in Afghanistan are being used in attacks against the Pakistani government.

Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, stated in a recent interview with the country’s media that this challenge not only affects the security situation in Pakistan but also impacts all countries in the region.

The interim Prime Minister of Pakistan has reiterated that the world expected the situation in Afghanistan to improve with the new regime; however, such a development has not occurred.

He added, “We wanted to see a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.”

The interim government in Kabul has not yet responded to these statements by the senior official of the Pakistani government.

Nevertheless, relations with the Pakistani government have not improved after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

Pakistani security officials claim that Pakistani Taliban militants organize attacks against the army and the government in Islamabad using Afghan soil, an allegation that has consistently been denied by the Islamic Emirate.

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