Iran’s Interior Minister: Pakistan Must Not Allow Terrorist Groups to Establish Safe Havens in the Country

Bayan News – Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s Interior Minister, is urging Islamabad to ensure the security of its border regions.
He made these remarks on Monday (December 17) during a visit to the Rask military base, where armed individuals attacked two days ago, killing 11 Iranian security forces.
The city/district of Rask is located on the border with Pakistan.
Iran’s Interior Minister states that the attackers entered Iranian territory from the Pakistani border.
He called on the Pakistani government to take action to safeguard and protect its borders and prevent terrorist groups from establishing safe havens in the country.
Meanwhile, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack in a statement and expressed condolences to the Iranian government.
The statement emphasized that terrorism poses a threat to peace and security, which can be addressed through regional cooperation.
The responsibility for the attack on the Iranian security forces’ base in Rask was claimed by the Jaish al-Adl group.

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