A man in Takhar province kills a “boy” for having a relationship with his sister

Bayan News – Local media, citing security officials in Takhar province, have reported that a 22-year-old boy was murdered due to an illicit relationship with a girl.

Mubin Safi, the spokesperson for the Takhar Security Command, told the media that the victim’s name was Abdul Mubin and he was killed by a gunshot in the village of Pishbatour in Taluqan city around midnight last night (December 18th).

According to Safi, the victim was killed by the brother of this girl.

It is reported that two brothers of the girl have been arrested in connection with this incident.

According to published reports, the victim and the girl were unmarried, but it is unclear whether they intended to get married or not.

Similar incidents have occurred in Takhar province before.

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