Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: We targeted Mossad’s espionage operations center in Kurdistan, Iraq

Bayan News – Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced this morning, Tuesday, January 16, that it has targeted the Mossad’s espionage operations development center in Erbil, Iraq, with ballistic missile strikes.

In a statement, the Revolutionary Guard Corps stated, “In response to the recent atrocities of the Zionist regime in assassinating the commanders of the Revolutionary Guard and the Resistance Front, and with the supervision and intelligence dominance over the bases and movements of this regime in the region, we have targeted and destroyed one of the main hubs of Mossad’s espionage in the Kurdistan region of Iraq with ballistic missile strikes.”

Furthermore, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps added in another statement that it has eliminated several gathering places of commanders and key elements associated with recent terrorist operations, especially ISIS, by launching a number of ballistic missiles in Syria.

However, the United States has condemned Iran’s military action, considering it a violation of international laws and an assault on the territorial integrity of states.

According to published reports, officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government state that at least four civilians have been killed and six others injured in this attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Earlier, the American network ABC News reported, citing security officials, that at least eight different locations in Erbil, Iraq, near the US consulate and residential areas in the city, were targeted in the missile attack.

US officials have told Reuters news agency that US facilities or forces have not been affected by these attacks.

However, the recent tensions in the region have been escalating. The Israel-Hamas conflict and the US and UK attacks on Houthi positions in Yemen are among the latest tensions.

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