The Ministry of Intelligence of Iran has identified an agent involved in the deadly event in Kerman as “Adel Panjshiri”

Bayan News – According to the news released by the Ministry of Intelligence, a person named Mohammad Adel, also known as Adel Panjshiri, was a member of the ISIS group behind this terrorist event.

In the statement issued by the Ministry of Intelligence on Friday, January 19, it was mentioned that based on the latest information, he had entered an area in western Tehran.

The ministry further explained that Adel Panjshiri was among the direct contacts of Abdul Hakim Tohidi, the commander of ISIS terrorist operations.

Tohidi had previously been arrested on charges of carrying out a suicide operation at Kabul University, but after a year in Bagram prison, he was released and resumed his criminal activities.

The Ministry of Intelligence of Iran has detained individuals associated with Adel Panjshiri, but he remains at large and is being pursued by the police.

Thus far, Taliban officials have not shown any reaction to this matter.

However, about three weeks ago, during the commemoration ceremony of Qasem Soleimani’s death in Kerman, Iran, two terrorist attacks occurred, claiming the lives of nearly 100 people. The responsibility for this event was claimed by the ISIS terrorist group.

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