The Ministry of Interior announces the lifting of restrictions on two Taliban members who were held in Guantanamo

Bayan News – Abdul Matin Kani, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior, states that Mullah Abdul Zaher Saber and Abdul Karim, residents of Logar and Khost provinces who were imprisoned in Guantanamo and later placed under supervision in Oman, will have their restrictions lifted and will soon be transferred to Afghanistan.

The spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior wrote on the X platform this evening, Monday (February 11), that Mullah Abdul Zaher was detained by US forces in May 2002 and was transferred to Guantanamo after spending four months in Bagram prison.

According to Kani, Mullah Abdul Zaher was released from Guantanamo on January 16, 2027, and was transferred to Oman, where he remained under supervision for seven years without permission to travel. “As a result of the efforts of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, after many years, the imposed restrictions will be lifted, and they will return to their homeland.”

On the other hand, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior has announced that Abdul Karim, a resident of Khost province, was detained by the Pakistani government in 2002 and handed over to US forces after a few months.

He further added that Abdul Karim was transferred to Guantanamo by US forces in 2003, and after 14 years in prison, he was released and transferred to Oman.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior stated that the restrictions on these two Taliban members have been lifted, and they will be transferred to Afghanistan soon.

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