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World Radio Day: 50% of Radio Stations in Afghanistan Have Ceased Broadcasting

Bayan News – On the occasion of World Radio Day, several media support organizations state that with the Taliban’s rule, 50% of radio stations in Afghanistan have collapsed.

The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization stated today, Wednesday (February 13th), in a message that radio broadcasts in Afghanistan have been restricted for the past two years, and a significant number of radio journalists, like other journalists, have lost their jobs.

The media organization provided statistics that prior to the fall of the Republic system, there were 438 radio stations broadcasting in Afghanistan. However, with the arrival of the Taliban, over 50% of these radio stations have halted their broadcasts.

The Journalists Support Organization, noting that radio holds greater importance compared to other media outlets in Afghanistan, called on national and international entities to collaborate with the current government to revive the activities of radio media and refrain from imposing further restrictions on these outlets.

According to the organization, the current government of Afghanistan should lift the current restrictions on the media and journalists and not hinder freedom of expression and the media.

Similarly, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in observance of World Radio Day stated that imagining a world without radio would be challenging.

UNAMA provided statistics that currently, there are 150 radio networks operating in Afghanistan.

The organization added, “We celebrate this day to showcase the power of radio, which shapes unity and development throughout Afghanistan.

UNAMA and the United Nations family support the rights of the Afghan people to information and freedom of expression.”

However, it is worth noting that Radio Kabul, founded 98 years ago today, was the first radio station in Afghanistan.

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