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US Special Representative: The Issue of Afghan Women is not Excluded from Our Priorities

Bayan News – Reina Emiri, the US Special Representative for Women’s Affairs and Human Rights in Afghanistan, has recently expressed in a statement that the issue of Afghan women cannot be ignored or sidelined within society.

Last night (March 5), she wrote on the X platform that in order to prevent the economic collapse of Afghanistan and the continuation of violence in the country, human rights and full participation of women in society are essential.

After two and a half years of Taliban rule, international reactions to the ongoing bans on girls’ education and restrictions on women continue.

Since coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has imposed restrictions on women and girls, including banning education and employment.

Interim Kabul government officials have consistently responded to these reactions by stating that the issue of Afghan women and girls is an internal matter and the world should not interfere in this regard.

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