WorldFood Programme: We can’t address the hunger situation of the Afghan people

Bayan News

At the same time as the spread of poverty and hunger in Afghanistan, the head of the World Food Programme (WFP) has announced a reduction in food aid to the needy of the Afghan people.

WFP chief David Beasley said in his latest comments that the agency has cut three-quarters of its humanitarian aid to those it needed to help as planned last month.

The head of the WFP has stated that the reduction in humanitarian aid in Afghanistan over the past 25 years has not been precedent.

He has warned that many countries around the world will face a food crisis if billions of dollars are not provided in the food sector.

Aid has cut aid to four million needy people in Afghanistan by half, according to the head of the WFP.

“This situation is so heartbreaking that if hell was on the ground, these people would actually live in it,” Beasley said, stating that Otto’s office could not address the Afghan people, who are at risk of famine and starvation.

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