The United Nations will focus on preventing conflicts on the World Day of Peace

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The office of the United Nations Deputy Mission in Kabul (UNAMA) says that this organization will focus on preventing conflicts and maintaining peace on the International Day of Peace this year.

This organization announced on Tuesday (June 13) that the 100-day countdown for the International Day of Sustainable Peace has already started.

Stating that the world needs peace today more than ever, UNAMA emphasized that conflict, increasing inequalities, ongoing injustices, the war of man against nature, an old, incomplete and unfair global financial system make the path to peace difficult.

“This year’s World Day of Peace will focus on peace actions and how the Sustainable Development Goals are essential to preventing conflicts and maintaining peace,” the organization said.

Every year, September 21 is celebrated as the International Day of Peace.

While the United Nations is announcing a countdown to commemorate this day, Afghanistan has seen changes in the last two years.

Although the ruling authorities say that peace is guaranteed, the political opponents of the current regime in Kabul beat the drum of war and violence.

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