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UNAMA: Journalists must make reporting structure decisions based on fear

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Commenting on the future of Afghan media, the Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Kabul (UNAMA) says that journalists have to work in an atmosphere of threat and fear among the increases by the Kabul authorities.

In a statement this Wednesday (May 3), the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Rosa Otunbayeva, said that there is a lot of pressure on the World Day to show solidarity with newspapers that are still struggling to report independently in the country. are.

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan added: “The journalist must decide to follow a reporting structure that smells of fear, not secrecy. This is part of the process of reducing freedom of expression and access to information.”

According to him, constant fear, threats and attacks on journalists are unacceptable, and UNAMA wants the Taliban authorities to guarantee the freedom and independence of the media, the safety of both male and female journalists.

On the other hand, UNAMA has pointed to the presence of female journalists in the media and added that female journalists have been disproportionately affected by other placements and their coverage has been further removed in their work.

UNAMA has documented numerous cases of rights abuses against journalists and media workers by Taliban officials over the past 18 months. Arbitrary, abusive, and intimidation arrests and detentions have been used as tools to suppress freedom of expression.

However, since the last day, the world media freedom in Kabul has been honored by media supporting institutions in Kabul, and these institutions are worried about the lack of immunity of journalists and financial media problems.

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