National Resistance: The National Security Council of TTP in northern Afghanistan was disastrous

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The National Resistance to Save Afghanistan warns the council that the movement of Pakistani forces in the north and northeast of Afghanistan will not go unanswered and its consequences will be disastrous.

This council, today Saturday (June 10) by publishing a statement, said that the action of the leadership of Kabul regarding the Pakistani armed forces under the name of immigrant in the north of Afghanistan, will make this country with the risks of internal and external crisis.

The National Resistance to Save Afghanistan also warned that if it prevents the movement of these forces in the north of Afghanistan, the scope of the proxy war will go beyond the territory of Afghanistan.

However, recently there have been reports of the transfer of Taliban forces in the northern provinces, but the authorities of the caretaker government of Kabul have monitored these reports.

Recently, Sirajuddin Haqqani, Acting Minister of Interior of Afghanistan, during his trip to Jawzjan Province, announced that the plots of political opponents to spread the political crisis in this country have been foiled.

Mr. Haqqani also said that opposition is not the solution, the country’s issues should be resolved through dialogue.

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