A member of Kian’s family and a police officer were killed during the 10th birthday ceremony of Kian Pirfalak

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The media have reported that a member of Kian Pirfalak’s family was killed on Sunday (June 11) during Kian Pirfalak’s 10th birthday ceremony as a result of a conflict with police officers, and a police officer was also killed in this conflict.

A source from Kian’s family told the BBC that 19-year-old Pooya Moulairad was shot dead by officers in the village of Izeh in Persia, where Kian’s body is buried in the cemetery.

It is said that Izeh is under heavy siege by the security forces, and according to Iranian media reports, a security officer was killed as a result of tension between the agents and a group of citizens of this country in Izeh.

Meanwhile, Tasnim news agency reported that after the ceremony of Kian Pirfalak’s family, an unknown person attacked with a car and caused a conflict with police officers in Izeh city, a police officer died and the attacker who was wounded in the shooting He died in the hospital.

It should be noted that Kian Pirfalak, who was 9 years old, was shot and killed during the recent protests.

Kian was shot just when he was returning home along with his father, mother and younger brother who were in the car and died.

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