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UN Special Rapporteur: The international community should try to remove restrictions against Afghan women

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The meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held on Monday (June 19) in Genoa, and in this meeting, the United Nations special rapporteur and women’s rights activists took part and gave speeches.

In this meeting, Bennett called for more efforts to end the deprivation of Afghan girls and women from their rights.

He added: “It is necessary not to look away. We must do our best to confront and end the severe deprivation of basic rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.”

On the other hand, Dorothy Estrada, the head of the working group on discrimination against women and girls of the United Nations, added in this meeting that the measures taken to exclude women and girls from social life have intensified.

He called for the serious attention of the international community to support the women and girls of Afghanistan.

At the same time, Ferishte Abbasi, the researcher of the Afghanistan section of Human Rights Watch, said at the meeting of the Human Rights Council that women in Afghanistan are the frontline defenders of human rights and fight not only for their rights but also for everyone’s basic rights and an equal future.

Abbasi added that the human rights watchdog wants governments to continue expressing their collective anger at the Taliban’s disregard for the basic rights of women and girls in Afghanistan and to support the protesting women who chant the slogan “bread, work and freedom”.

In his speech, Abbasi said that there is no country in the world where the basic human rights of women and girls are more limited than Afghanistan.

The meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council focusing on Afghan women and girls was held in Genoa for two days, and tomorrow Tuesday will be the last day of this meeting.

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