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The special meeting of the UN Security Council focusing on Afghanistan; Educational bans were called a disaster

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A special meeting of the United Nations Security Council was held in the afternoon on Wednesday (June 21) focusing on the current situation in Afghanistan.

Lana Nasibah, the Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, criticized the educational restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan.

He called banning educational programs a disaster for Afghan girls and women and stressed that these bans will cause donors to refuse to fund educational programs.

At the end of his speech, he stated that educational restrictions should be removed, and stated that the inclusion of women in the Afghan society begins with access to education.

On the other hand, Robert Wood, the deputy ambassador of the United States to the United Nations, referring to the situation in Afghanistan, said that despite the obstacles and international competition, the world cannot turn its back on humanitarian aid in this country.

He added, “The United States, as the largest humanitarian donor in the world, will continue its contribution to support the people of Afghanistan.”

The deputy US ambassador to the United Nations also noted that the international community expects the caretaker government of Kabul to fulfill its commitments.

Lifting bans on education, allowing women to work in domestic and international offices, and forming an inclusive government are among the most important demands of the international community for the caretaker government of Kabul to fulfill them.

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