World Food Program warning: After the next four months, we have no help for the people of Afghanistan

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Hsiao Wei Li, director of the World Food Program for Afghanistan (WFP), warns that the organization’s resources for food aid for the people of the country will run out by the end of October.

He told Reuters: “We can provide services to five million people for a few months; But after that, we don’t have the necessary resources and this shows the urgency of their relief situation.”

According to the director of the World Food Program for Afghanistan, this organization needs about one billion dollars between now and the end of March next year.

Mrs. Weli said earlier that about 20 million people in Afghanistan do not have one out of three meals.

However, according to the information of the World Food Program, the United Nations has reduced the budget available to it, as well as the financial aid promised by the countries contributing to the Afghan crisis, to provide humanitarian services from August this year, and these services will end in October. which coincides with the beginning of the winter season in Afghanistan.

These concerns are raised while Afghanistan is faced with restrictions imposed on women and girls, as well as the lack of an inclusive government, sanctions and a reduction in international aid.

The caretaker government of Kabul has banned women from working in United Nations offices.

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