Maulvi Abdul Kabir: Harassment of former government employees is completely wrong

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Maulavi Abdul Kabir, acting head of the government’s ministry, says that the media and biased people have launched propaganda that it seems that the employees of the previous government are being harassed.

The Acting Prime Minister made these statements on Sunday (July 2) in a meeting with a number of military personnel of the previous government. “Unfortunately, the media and biased people are spreading propaganda as if the employees of the previous administration are being harassed, which is completely false.”

According to Maulvi Abdul Kabir, according to the general amnesty announced by the leader of the Islamic Emirate, no one has the right to harass another person and the gate of the Islamic Emirate is open to everyone.

He also noted that a large number of civil and military officials of the previous government have returned to the country due to the efforts of the Contact Commission and they are continuing their lives without any problems.

He clarified that the caretaker government of Kabul is making efforts to interact with the world and implement important construction projects.

At the same time, a number of security employees of the previous government have said that they are ready to partner their business with the current system in the field of training professionals in every sector.

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