Pence: I think we would have maintained our troop numbers in Afghanistan

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Mike Pence, the former vice president of the United States, says that despite the Trump administration’s agreement to withdraw from Afghanistan; But it was necessary that some American troops remain in this country.

In a TV interview that was published yesterday (July 2), he said: “As the former president announced, we pulled our forces out of Syria… But in the end, there are still American forces in Syria today.” “I think we’ll stay there.”

In this interview, Pence clearly states that he believes it would be wise to maintain a few thousand American troops to support the United States’ efforts against terrorist elements both in Afghanistan and in the region.

The former US vice president also said: “I know what the deal was with the Taliban. It was very clear. I was in the room when President Trump told the Taliban leader: Look, you have to cooperate with the Afghan government. “You will not harbor terrorists and you will not harm any American soldier.”

However, according to the Doha Agreement, the United States completely withdrew its forces from Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, and the Islamic Emirate dominated the entire country.

With the departure of the American forces, the republican system collapsed and the army of the previous government collapsed.

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