Macron: We are sending long-range missiles to Ukraine

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French President Emmanuel Macron has announced new aid to Ukraine, stating that Paris is sending long-range missiles to the country.

According to Al Arabiya, Macron made the announcement at the first meeting of NATO member countries in Vilnius, Lithuania on Wednesday (July 20th).

Macron added that Paris is delivering long-range missiles called “Scalp” to Kyiv, saying, “We are in the process of sending missiles to Ukraine that have the ability to carry out precise and deep strikes.”

He said, “It is important to declare our support for Ukraine in a unified and united manner at the current NATO meeting.”

At the same time, these statements by the French President have elicited a reaction from Russia. Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for Vladimir Putin, said that France’s decision to transfer long-range missiles to Ukraine will force Moscow to take retaliatory measures in the war in Ukraine. He told reporters, “In our view, this decision will have serious consequences for Ukraine.”

However, in recent months, the trend of military aid from several European and Western countries to the Kyiv government has increased. After the United States, Germany is the second largest contributor of military aid to Ukraine. During Ukrainian President Zelensky’s visit to Germany, the country pledged to provide more than two billion euros in military aid.

Additionally, earlier this year, Berlin sent Leopard tanks to Ukraine to strengthen the country’s defense.

NATO leaders are expected to announce their continued support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia during the current military pact meeting in Lithuania.

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