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Educational Ban in Afghanistan; “Please University”

By Sakinah Rezaei

Bayan News – Despite all the shortcomings and betrayals of its leaders, the Republic system had a vital feature, which was the widespread access to education for women and girls in Afghanistan. In every season, academic and specialized forces, especially girls, were produced in the young Afghan community.

Before the past twenty years, illiteracy rates among the Afghan people were extremely high, and there were no valuable families for literacy. Until the culture of education was promoted and the grounds for education for Afghan men and women became suitable, and shortly after, most Afghan families tasted literacy and made endless efforts to get their children into school and university, as they realized that an aware society leads the country towards development and progress.

I want to express this issue to the audience, especially the caretaker government in Kabul; I found it difficult to finish my schooling. It was not easy, as every family knows that education is related to the economic situation of families. When I went to school, a cost was imposed on my family, even with a lower ceiling, but my family supported me by accepting all of these.

With the support of the family, I read school subjects correctly and finally, by participating in the entrance exam, I entered the Journalism Faculty of Kabul University. This was the result of my family’s support, and no one can ignore it. The facts of this example are all Afghan families who support their children, especially their daughters, in the field of learning and knowledge.

My entrance to the university was the last days of the fall of Kabul, and it was not long before the Islamic Emirate took over. Although my friends and I had stress about restrictions, we never imagined that the university would be closed. Our lack of imagination was that during the Doha negotiations, the representatives of the Islamic Emirate promised that they were not against the education of girls, but it was too late that this promise was broken, and women and girls became completely housebound.

Conditions change every year, and today’s world has become modernized, and everything depends on knowledge. Those who impose educational restrictions on their people will never achieve happiness and prosperity. Of course, reminding of this issue is not important; even more than me, the authorities have understood its value and importance, but I am amazed that half of the Afghan community is deprived of education and housebound.

In addition, the world supports the education of Afghan women and girls. This support is not limited to European and Western countries; all Islamic countries have criticized the restrictions of the Islamic Emirate and called it contrary to Islamic teachings.

During this time, we have heard many times that there is no place in the world where girls and women are deprived of education, and it is not properly understood what justification there is for these restrictions. Even the leaders of the Islamic Emirate have announced that they are not against the education of girls, but what reason is there for schools and educational centers to remain closed after two years?

Although in the past two years, the education system in Afghanistan has suffered from many damages, it is not too late yet. I believe that the caretaker government in Kabul should be kind to the girls of Afghanistan and take action to reopen schools and universities as soon as possible. This way, the country will regain its vitality, prevent migration, and revive the motivations among the people.

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