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Reactions to the suppression of women makeup artists; the removal of women should stop

Bayan News – Shortly after the suppression of women makeup artists’ protests in Kabul by the interim government forces, international organizations have reacted.

The human rights organization “Fridom Now” tweeted about the suppression of women makeup artists’ protests, stating that security forces had violently dispersed these protests.

The organization has also shared a video of the suppression of women makeup artists and stated that the removal of Afghan women from society must come to an end.

According to the human rights organization, Afghan women and girls have been protesting against the policies of the current Kabul government for almost two years, but these protests have been met with torture and imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Rina Amiri, the United States Special Representative for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan, tweeted that the current regime in the country must prioritize the people over their ideology.

Amiri stated, “Their (girls’) success will be Afghanistan’s success and will secure livelihoods, improve the economy, and future.”

These reactions come as a group of women makeup artists protested on the streets of Kabul on Thursday (July 19) against the current government’s restriction on women’s beauty salons.

While chanting slogans such as “bread, work, and justice,” these women were suppressed by security forces with aerial firing.

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