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UNAMA: deeply concerned about the suppression of women by government forces

Bayan News – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has expressed deep concern about the suppression of female makeup artists by the security forces of the Kabul interim government.

In a newsletter issued on Thursday (July 19), UNAMA said, “Reports of the violent suppression of peaceful women’s protests against the ban on beauty salon activities, which is the latest move against women’s rights in Afghanistan, are deeply concerning.”

According to UNAMA, Afghans have the right to express their opinions free from violence, and government officials should respect this right.

A group of female makeup artists took to the streets of Kabul to protest against the ban on women’s beauty salons, but the protests were suppressed by the security forces of the government.

The protests, which took place in the Shahr-e-Naw area of Kabul, saw the makeup artists chanting slogans such as “bread, work, and justice.”

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