US officials: Ukraine initiated the use of cluster bombs against Russia

Bayan News – John Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, confirmed in a press conference on Friday (July 2nd) that the Ukrainian army has used cluster bombs against the Russian invasion.

In response to the question of whether the use of American cluster bombs had started or not, he said: “The ammunition reached them as soon as possible, and this was done about a week ago.”

Kirby continued to note that the use of cluster bombs by Ukrainian forces helps to repel Russian attacks.

The strategic communication coordinator of the White House National Security Council also added that Moscow, in addition to placing sea mines in the Black Sea, has targeted Ukrainian food storage centers, resulting in a decrease in food supplies in the southern hemisphere, for which Russia is responsible.

According to him, the sanctions have a significant impact on Russia and their goal is to exert more pressure on Moscow.

However, released video footage shows that the Ukrainian army is using cluster bombs in the Donbas region against Russian forces.

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