Imran Khan is to be arrested as ordered by the Pakistan Election Commission

Bayan News – According to Pakistani media reports, the Election Commission of Pakistan has issued an order for the police to arrest Mr. Khan.

Under the Election Commission’s order, Imran Khan is to be arrested on Wednesday (July 25).

Two months ago, Imran Khan was arrested on charges of financial corruption, but he was released on bail by the country’s Supreme Court and his temporary immunity was extended for a while.

Previously, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan had repeatedly stated that he would eventually be arrested and imprisoned, and Imran Khan considered his own arrest to be a kidnapping.

However, the Election Commission of Pakistan and other institutions in the country have not announced what charges Mr. Khan is facing, and it is not clear whether the country’s police will arrest him or not.

Recently, the Pakistani army and police arrested several senior members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

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