International Peace Organization Report: International Aid has become a source of income for the Kabul Government.

Bayan News – According to a recent report presented to the United States government by the International Peace Organization, it indicates that the interim Kabul government has infiltrated international aid and sees it as a source of income for itself.

This report was commissioned by the United States Agency for International Development and a version of it has been made available to Foreign Policy magazine.

Foreign Policy states that the report suggests that Kabul’s governing authorities have been able to effectively penetrate international institutions and perceive them as a source of income for themselves.

According to the report, international aid to Afghanistan is organized under the control of the Kabul interim government, while also attempting to gain control over United Nations aid.

The report by the United States Agency for International Development also expresses doubts and concerns about the capacity and ability of the United Nations to manage the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

According to the report, the interim Kabul government controls local employees of the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan through intimidation and coercion in order to receive international aid. In this way, it seeks to gain credibility. As a result, non-governmental organizations have been forced to sign agreements with the Afghan General Intelligence Directorate in order to continue their activities.

This report was prepared in May 2023 and presented to the United States government.

Officials of the Kabul interim government have not commented on this matter so far.

However, reports of the Kabul interim government’s interference in the process of providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan have been previously published.

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