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Deputy of the Women’s Rights Monitor: 60,000 Women Have Lost Their Jobs with the Prohibition of Cosmetology in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Heather Barr, the deputy of the Women’s Rights Monitor, states that the Kabul caretaker government has caused 60,000 women to lose their jobs with the prohibition of cosmetology activities in Afghanistan.

Referring to the issuance of a decree by the leader of the Islamic Emirate prohibiting cosmetology activities in Afghanistan, she adds to a Washington Post reporter: “This relates to women who have lost one of the few places they can go to connect with society and gain support.”

Ms. Bar further states that despite the initial promises of the Kabul caretaker government to adopt a more moderate approach compared to the 1990s, since taking control of Afghanistan in August 2021 and the withdrawal of NATO forces, the Taliban has implemented harsh measures to restrict public spaces such as parks, clubs, and media freedom.

The deputy of the Women’s Rights Monitor warns that these actions by the Kabul caretaker government will lead to a worsening of the humanitarian crisis and the devastation of Afghanistan’s economy.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Islamic Emirate, through an oral decree, ordered the cessation of all cosmetology activities in Afghanistan until the third of Asad month.

Since yesterday, all cosmetology activities in Afghanistan have been halted.

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