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Protesting women demand the establishment of a government based on the people’s votes in Afghanistan

Bayan News – At the same time as the two-day meeting between the interim government of Kabul and US special representatives in Doha, a group of Afghan women protesters under the name “Purple Saturdays Movement” held a protest asking the global community to provide the conditions for a government based on the votes of the Afghan people.

The protest by these women, held today, Tuesday, July 31st, in a closed space and away from the sight of the Islamic Emirate forces, emphasized that the international community should strive for the recognition of the fundamental rights and human freedoms of Afghan women.

These women, who have sent images and videos of their gathering to the media, have stated that ensuring the rights of Afghan women should not lead to support for the Kabul interim government.

They continue to demand that Qatar not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan with reference to the Doha meeting.

Afghan women protesters are raising their voices while the interim government of Kabul, led by Amir Khan Muttaqi, meets with US special representatives in Doha today.

It is not yet clear whether the meeting has been held or not, or what the outcome of the meeting was; official sources from the interim government of Kabul and the United States have not commented on this matter.

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