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US State Department: Taliban asked to change their policies towards women

Bayan News –  the US State Department has announced that during the two-day meeting between US representatives and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, the Taliban was asked to change its policies regarding human rights, particularly towards women and girls in Afghanistan.

In a statement released on Tuesday night (July 31), the State Department expressed its concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and emphasized its continued support for aid organizations and the United Nations based on humanitarian principles.

According to the statement, the US delegation asked the Taliban to change policies that have led to poor human rights conditions in Afghanistan, especially for women and girls.

The US State Department also stated that during the two-day meeting, discussions were held on not using Afghanistan’s soil against the security of the United States.

The statement also mentioned that the issue of the freedom of American citizens was discussed, and the US delegation emphasized that these detentions are a significant obstacle to positive relations between the two countries.

Tom West and Amir Khan Muttaqi – Doha

However, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that during the two-day talks in Doha, it was emphasized on continuing discussions and interactions.

The ministry’s spokesperson said on Twitter that during the two-day meeting, trust-building between the two sides, practical steps in this regard, removing the names of Islamic Emirate officials from the blacklist, lifting sanctions, releasing foreign reserves, combating drugs, and human rights issues were discussed.

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