Ministry of Interior: Over 1,700 Suspects Detained in One Year

Bayan News – Abdul Matin Qaneh, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, provides statistics indicating that in the past year, 1,784 suspects have been detained by the police forces on various charges.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, August 3rd, where the government’s accountability to the nation was discussed, he stated that these individuals were apprehended in 224 joint security operations.

Qaneh provided details that these operations were conducted in the past year under the command of the special police units, public security departments, and counter-terrorism units. Furthermore, 443 other operations were carried out by the special police units of the ministry throughout Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, according to the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate in the country, over 20,000 criminal cases have been registered in Afghanistan, indicating a significant decrease in criminal activities in proportion to the two years of the previous government’s rule.

He added that approximately 160 cases of kidnapping were reported to the police in one year, and the police forces initiated 200 operations against the kidnappers. The police have successfully arrested 190 suspects.

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