Tom West: Reduction in Civilian Casualties Result of Taliban’s Efforts Against ISIS

Bayan News – Tom West, the United States Special Representative for Afghanistan, has welcomed the reduction in civilian casualties in the country and attributed it to the efforts of the Islamic Emirate against ISIS.

He made these remarks in a recent interview with BBC Pashto and provided information about his recent talks with the Islamic Emirate delegation in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan stated in the interview, “Last year, we witnessed a decrease in terrorist attacks against Afghan civilians, which is commendable. This trend is partly due to the Taliban’s efforts against ISIS.”

According to West, Washington supports a policy of engagement with the Islamic Emirate on important issues, including the economy, serious concerns about human rights, security commitments, efforts to combat narcotics, and intra-Afghan dialogue regarding Afghanistan’s future.

He further emphasized the importance of girls’ education and women’s right to work in the interview, stating that for Afghanistan to stand on its own, women need to receive education and contribute to the economy. Any policy changes should be driven by the aspirations of the Afghan people, not as a result of external demands.

Tom West spoke about girls’ education while acknowledging that for nearly 700 days, girls have been blocked from entering schools.

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