Death of Four Afghan Family Members in a Toxic Well in Iran

Bayan News – It has been reported that four members of an Afghan family lost their lives early this morning, Monday (August 6), in a toxic well in the city of Shiraz, Iran.

According to the IRNA news agency, the deceased include a 64-year-old father and his sons aged 25, 27, and 34, who were working in a waste collection workshop in the Gachi Shiraz village.

Officials in Shiraz have stated that the individuals who lost their lives in the well were a septic tank used for collecting wastewater from waste. Due to inadequate ventilation, the well contained methane gas and carbon dioxide.

An official stated to Iranian media, “The gas in this well is highly toxic and deadly. The first person who entered the well lost consciousness, and the second person who entered to rescue him also had an accident and lost his life. Likewise, five others entered the well to save each other and all suffered poisoning and gas inhalation.”

However, the majority of Afghan migrants in Iran are engaged in difficult work.

Recently, it was also reported that an Afghan youth residing in the province of Kunduz fell from a building in one of the cities in Iran and lost his life.

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