3,000 US Forces Deployed to Prevent Iranian Actions

Bayan News – US officials have announced that over 3,000 US forces have been deployed to the Red Sea to prevent the seizure of oil tankers by Iran and have been transferred to two warships.

The US Fifth Fleet stated in a statement that these forces entered the Red Sea on Monday (August 6th) through the Suez Canal.

The statement added that they were embarked on the USS Baton Rouge and USS Carter Hall, which enhances the maritime capabilities of the Fifth Fleet. This deployment was previously announced by the US Department of Defense in January.

Tim Hawkins, spokesperson for the Fifth Fleet, told the French news agency, “These units provide significant flexibility and operational capability to prevent destabilizing activities and neutralize regional tensions caused by Iran’s harassment and seizure of commercial vessels.”

The United States, which is currently strengthening its forces in the region, announced the deployment of a warship and F-35 and F-16 fighter jets in January.

However, a US official had told the French news agency last week that Washington is preparing to send snipers to commercial oil tankers transiting the Persian Gulf in the hope of deterring Iran from seizing these vessels.

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