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Human Rights Watch: Restrictions against Women Intensify after Two Years

Bayan News – Rights Watch has expressed concern over the human rights situation in Afghanistan and stated that the interim government in Kabul has deprived women and girls of work, education, and freedom of movement.

In a statement released on Friday (August 10) to mark the two-year anniversary of the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan, the organization added that the current regime has intensified its restrictions on the rights of women, girls, and the media.

The statement emphasized that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate must immediately repeal its oppressive laws and policies, and the international community must hold the interim government in Kabul accountable for the ongoing crisis.

Human Rights Watch also highlighted that the current Kabul government has put pressure on the media and journalists, forcing them into self-censorship.

According to Human Rights Watch, the restrictions imposed by the Islamic Emirate have led to many job limitations, resulting in unemployment among women and girls, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

At the same time, the statement provided statistics indicating that two-thirds of the population, out of 28 million people, are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Natural disasters, lack of employment opportunities, and restrictions on women and girls are cited as factors that have contributed to food insecurity in Afghanistan, according to Human Rights Watch.

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