Destruction of 20 Ukrainian drones over the Crimean Peninsula

Bayan News – Russian news agencies, citing the Ministry of Defense, reported that Russia destroyed 20 Ukrainian drones over the Crimean Peninsula on Saturday (August 12).

According to Al Arabiya, based on these reports, Russia’s air defense system downed 14 drones, and its electronic warfare system downed 6 drones.

Meanwhile, local authorities in Moscow announced that in the latest drone attack on the city in recent days, one drone was destroyed, causing no casualties or material damage.

War Crime

The French Foreign Ministry also stated in a statement that the missile attacks by Russia yesterday, which resulted in the death of a child in western Ukraine, are a “war crime” that should not go unpunished.

The statement added, “These attacks once again targeted non-military infrastructure, including a residential area, which is a clear violation of international human rights.”

This is in contrast to Moscow’s denial of deliberately targeting civilians.

The French Foreign Ministry stated, “France, in close cooperation with its partners, will increase its military support to Ukraine, particularly in strengthening its air defense capabilities.”

Another part of the statement emphasized, “France continues its full support for Ukrainian judicial authorities and international forums in their efforts to hold Russia accountable for its crimes in Ukraine.”

Hypersonic Missile Launch

Yesterday, Russia launched 4 hypersonic “Kinjal” missiles into the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine, three of which hit near a military airport and in a residential area.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced that its air defense system downed the fourth missile.

The Russian army announced on Friday that it had “reinforced” its positions in northeastern Ukraine and that its attacks had forced local civilian authorities to evacuate.

The Russian army was driven out of these areas in September 2022 after initially controlling the city of Kobyansk and its surroundings, following a counter-offensive by Ukrainian forces.

A few weeks ago, Russian forces seized control of this region and declared complete dominance over it.

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