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US Secretary of State: Any increase in relations with the Taliban is conditioned on their improved treatment of women

Bayan News – On the occasion of the second anniversary of the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate’s rule in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country, the US Secretary of State emphasizes the need to improve the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan.

He told reporters on Wednesday, August 15, that any expansion of relations with the caretaker Kabul government is contingent upon their improved treatment of women.

The US Secretary of State added, “We will continue our work to hold the Taliban accountable for the numerous commitments they have made but failed to fulfill, particularly regarding the rights of women and girls.”

According to Blinken, the United States and other countries around the world have made it explicitly clear to the caretaker Kabul government and the international community that any normal relations between the Taliban and countries will be blocked unless the rights of women and girls are respected in Afghanistan.

This comes as on the second anniversary of the Islamic Emirate’s rule, officials from the caretaker Kabul government expressed that they are not opposed to the education of girls, but it is necessary to create a secure environment for the reopening of schools.

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