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Eight female protesters have been detained by Taliban forces

Bayan News – A video footage circulating on social media shows Taliban forces detaining eight female protesters from the Khairkhana Square in Kabul city.

Social media users claim that this incident took place on the evening of Monday (August 20th).

It is said that the detained women are members of the Afghan Women’s Unity and Solidarity Movement, and the movement has confirmed their detention in a statement.

In the video footage, two armed individuals can be seen entering a house where these women have gathered, and the women say that they have come for a party and have no other plans.

However, Kabul security officials have not commented on the detention of these women.

In the past two years, numerous protests have been held by Afghan women and girls in response to imposed restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, any form of protest against unauthorized government policies is considered illegal.

In the past two years, several female protesters have been detained and subsequently released after a period of time.

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