Head of Army Staff: Number of Ministry of Defense Forces Reaches 150,000

Bayan News – Officials from the Ministry of Defense of the Kabul caretaker government state that the current number of army forces in this ministry reaches 150,000 and is projected to increase to 180,000.

Qari Faseehuddin Fetrat, the head of the army staff of this ministry, stated today, Monday (August 20), in the government’s accountability program to the nation that considerable progress has been made in the past two years.

According to Fetrat, there are currently no armed groups in Afghanistan, and the recent concerns raised are baseless. The Islamic Emirate remains committed to not posing any threat from Afghan soil against other countries.

This Ministry of Defense official also provided statistics during this press conference, stating that the army forces have carried out over 3,500 missions and conducted thousands of training exercises in the past year, resulting in the rescue of thousands of individuals, including the wounded, from dangerous locations.

However, yesterday, another senior official of the Kabul caretaker government presented figures during a ceremony commemorating the 104th Independence Day of Afghanistan, stating that the forces of the Islamic Emirate, including the Ministry of Defense, National Security, and Interior, amount to more than 400,000, which is unprecedented in the history of this country’s army.

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