Imprisonment of 13 Journalists, Including an Iranian Photographer, During Two Weeks

Bayan News – It has recently been reported that the forces of the Islamic Emirate have detained and imprisoned 13 journalists, including an Iranian photographer, in various provinces of Afghanistan, including Kabul.

Tasnim News Agency reported that Mohammad Hossein Velayati, a photographer for this news agency, was detained at Kabul International Airport earlier this week when returning to Iran.

According to the news agency, security forces detained the Tasnim photographer without any clear reasons, and diplomatic efforts are underway to secure his release.

Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian ambassador to Kabul, also stated that he is following up on the detention of the Tasnim News Agency photographer through the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and efforts have been initiated in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Journalists Center reported on Thursday (August 23) that with the arrest of the Iranian photographer, the number of detained journalists in the past two weeks has reached 13 individuals.

This media institution has called on the authorities of the interim Kabul government to put an end to the process of detaining journalists and media personnel.

According to the center, at least 11 journalists have been detained in various parts of the country in the past two weeks, and nine of them are still in prison.

It should be noted that officials of the interim Kabul government have stated that some of the journalists have been arrested on charges of cooperating with exiled media outlets that oppose the current regime’s policies.

Zabihullah Mujahid told Afghan media that journalists will be released after their cases have been reviewed.

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