Ministry of Industry and Trade Calls for Increased Investment from Uzbekistan in Afghanistan

Bayan News – The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Kabul caretaker government has requested that the government of Uzbekistan increase its economic investments within Afghanistan.

Qudratullah Jamal, the deputy of this ministry, stated on Monday (August 27) during a meeting with the Uzbek delegation in Kabul that security is now ensured throughout the country, and the conditions for investments have become favorable.

This official of the Ministry of Trade considered Uzbekistan a good neighbor and expressed the desire for investment in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry’s newsletter stated that in addition to the aforementioned topics, the ministry’s deputy discussed matters related to trust and coordination between the two countries, increasing customs activities, issuing trade visas to Afghan traders, trilateral meetings between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan, and other related issues.

On the other hand, the Uzbek delegation, led by Nazimjan Khalimuradov, has announced their country’s cooperation in the agriculture and mining sectors to the deputy of the Ministry of Trade.

Recently, a trade delegation from Uzbekistan visited Kabul to enhance trade relations between the two countries and held meetings and discussions with senior officials of the Islamic Emirate.

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