World Health Organization Warns of Increased Maternal Mortality in Afghanistan

Bayan News – The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concerns that due to the reduction in humanitarian funding for the people of Afghanistan, maternal mortality in Afghanistan may increase.

In a post published on Monday, August 28, on the X network, the organization added that it is likely that 24 Afghan mothers die daily due to humanitarian challenges.

The World Health Organization continues to emphasize that these statistics may further increase.

The WHO had previously warned of the consequences of budget shortages in providing healthcare services to those in need in Afghanistan.

The organization states that an additional budget of $125 million is required by the end of this calendar year to provide healthcare services to the people of Afghanistan.

According to the statistics from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 28.8 million people in Afghanistan require humanitarian assistance.

In its latest request, the organization demanded a budget of $2.43 billion, of which only approximately $108 million has been secured.

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