Biden: We are proud to be the largest humanitarian aid donor to the people of Afghanistan

Bayan News – On the eve of the anniversary of the withdrawal of the last American soldier from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden delivered a speech on Friday, August 31, and spoke about the mission of American forces in the country.

On August 31, 2021, the last American general left Kabul Airport, marking the end of the presence of foreign military forces in Afghanistan, and this issue is rooted in the signing of the Doha Agreement.

Joe Biden spoke on the occasion of the anniversary of the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and expressed gratitude for the cooperation of partners and allies of the United States in carrying out the mission in Afghanistan.

Biden referred to the war in Afghanistan as the longest war in US history and proposed to the US Congress to pass a law that would grant permanent residency to Afghans.

In his speech, the President of the United States stated that they have evacuated over 117,000 vulnerable Afghans since the return of the Islamic Emirate to Afghanistan.

He added, “Just as our allies in Afghanistan stood with us for twenty years in our mission, our Afghan allies are now standing with us across our country. Just as they stood with us, I am committed to standing with them, and I urge Congress to pass the Afghan Settlement Act so that we can provide a pathway to lawful permanent residence for our Afghan friends and neighbors.”

Biden further emphasized in his statement, “We are proud to be the largest humanitarian aid donor in Afghanistan.”

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