US House of Representatives Investigates “Khalilzad”

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US lawmakers, coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the withdrawal of the last American soldier from Afghanistan, are investigating nine American officials, including Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US representative for Afghan peace.

Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, demanded interviews with American officials, including Khalilzad, two days ago.

McCaul, who described the withdrawal of US soldiers as chaotic and deadly, added that through investigations, it has been concluded that these nine American officials possess important information regarding the how and why of the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the loss of 13 American soldiers at Kabul airport.

He emphasized that transparency and accountability will be ensured in this regard.

According to McCaul, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will continue to interview current and former officials of the Biden administration involved in the planning and execution of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The committee has requested written interviews with Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US representative for Afghan peace, Ross Wilson, the former chargé d’affaires of the US Embassy in Kabul, Brian McKeon, the former Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, and John Bass, the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan.

However, on August 31, 2021, the last American soldier left Kabul airport, marking the complete withdrawal of NATO and American forces after twenty years in Afghanistan.

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