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Women’s Rights Activists’ Hunger Strike in Germany Enters Its Fifth Day

Bayan News – A number of women’s rights activists in Cologne, Germany, have been on a hunger strike for the past five days in protest against the global community’s indifference towards the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan.

Last night (September 4), Tamana Zaryab Pariani pleaded on X Network that the United Nations must abandon conservatism and recognize gender apartheid in Afghanistan. She further wrote that official or unofficial meetings with women outside of Afghanistan will not change the lives of millions of women within the country.

These women’s rights activists began their hunger strike on September 1st and have stated that they will continue this process until September 12th.

Tamana Zaryab Pariani and her sister were previously detained by the Taliban in Kabul and spent forty days in prison.

The United Nations, including Richard Bent, the United Nations Human Rights Reporter in Afghanistan, and the German government, have not yet commented on the hunger strike of women’s rights activists in the country.

Mr. Bent recently held discussions with women’s rights activists abroad, including in Turkey, regarding the human rights situation. After his conversation with civil activists in Germany, he stated that addressing the situation in Afghanistan is a global responsibility.

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