Niger Military Council Expels French Ambassador

Bayan News – International media have reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Niger Military Council invalidated the diplomatic credentials of the French ambassador and expelled him on Wednesday (September 5th).

According to these reports, the Niger Military Council, which took power in the country after a coup, gave the French ambassador 48 hours to leave the country three days ago.

In addition, the Niger Military Council had set a deadline for the departure of French military personnel and warned that they must leave the country by the third of September.

Amadou Abdul Rahman, a spokesperson for the council, stated that the French ambassador must leave Niger as soon as possible and in an urgent manner, or they will be forced to use force to expel him.

Meanwhile, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also responded to the 48-hour deadline set by the coup leaders in Niger for the departure of their ambassador, stating that they do not have the authority to make such a request and that this request should only come from the elected legal authorities of Niger.

Niger, considered a former French colony, received military forces from Paris after the military coup.

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