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Focus on Human Rights Situation in Afghanistan by the UN Human Rights Council


Bayan News – Representatives from the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Pakistan have expressed concerns about the human rights situation in Afghanistan and emphasized that the country’s future depends on the active participation of women and girls.

This session of the United Nations Human Rights Council has been held in Geneva since yesterday (September 11).

Michelle Taylor, the US permanent representative to the council, stated that Washington and other countries will not recognize the Islamic Emirate until it changes its policies towards women.

She explicitly stated in her remarks at the council that the future of Afghanistan depends on the widespread participation of all Afghans in society and the economy, including women and girls.

Meanwhile, Lubna Qasim, the deputy representative of the United Arab Emirates to the Human Rights Council, referred to the restrictions on education for girls and the obstacles facing women in Afghanistan.

She added that there have been no recent changes from the interim Kabul government.

She emphasized that the current human rights challenges will have negative effects on the future of Afghanistan.

Similarly, the representative of Pakistan in the council criticized the ongoing restrictions against women and girls in Afghanistan and urged the Islamic Emirate to respect the rights and freedoms of all citizens in the country.

This is the second time in the past two years that the United Nations Human Rights Council has held a special session focusing on the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

However, officials from the interim Kabul government have consistently dismissed concerns about human rights violations in Afghanistan, stating that under Islamic laws, the rights of all individuals are ensured equally.

Government officials recently announced that restrictions on education are on the government’s agenda and that schools will be reopened once the conditions are met.

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