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Senior Officials of the Islamic Emirate: We Have Not Ignored Women’s Rights

Bayan News – Amid growing criticism of the violation of women’s rights in Afghanistan, some senior officials of the Islamic Emirate state that women’s rights have not been disregarded in their system.

Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, the acting head of the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice of the Islamic Emirate, who recently traveled to Badakhshan province, stated to a gathering of people that women’s rights have not been undermined in the current system.

According to Hanafi, some countries accuse the Islamic Emirate of violating women’s rights, while they themselves violate women’s rights.

Hanafi said, “Brothers who do not give inheritance to their sisters, those sisters have the right and the authority granted by the Islamic Emirate to demand it. From Badakhshan to Kandahar, no one has the audacity and authority to deprive them of their sisters’ inheritance.”

The acting head of the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue also pointed out the ban on Islamic hijab in French schools and stated that the international community has remained silent on this issue. He said, “In France, Muslim women go to university and they say education is always promoted through the French system. If you wear the hijab, then you cannot go to university. Why doesn’t the international community raise its voice?”

Meanwhile, Neda Mohammad Nadeem, the acting head of the Ministry of Higher Education, stated in an interview with the national television that the right to education will be granted to women and girls in Afghanistan.

However, the acting head of the Ministry of Higher Education emphasized that women’s education will not proceed according to the desires of the international community, and the Islamic Emirate cannot fulfill it.

According to Nadeem, women and girls have the right to financial security, academic rights, and dignity. It is a responsibility and obligation that must be fulfilled, but it should not be rushed, and this will not happen soon.

Earlier, an advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education had also told Reuters news agency that universities are ready to accept female students, but it is conditional on the issuance of a directive by the leader of the Islamic Emirate.

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