International Aid Mission Institute: We have no information about the allegations against our colleagues in Ghazni Province

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An international institution known as “Now” has announced that it has no information about the reasons for the detention of its employees and the closure of its office in the Lal Sarjangal district of Ghor Province.

In a newsletter issued on Saturday, September 16th, the institution stated that due to lack of evidence, they cannot comment on these allegations. However, they are making efforts to independently investigate any accusations against their organization or any of its employees.

The international institution has confirmed that 18 of its employees, including one international staff member who is a U.S. national, have been detained in Ghor Province and transferred to Kabul for investigation.

This international organization claims to have been working in Afghanistan for 57 years and values and respects the customs, traditions, and culture of local Afghan communities.

However, some media outlets have reported, citing the Governor of Ghor that the employees of this institution have been detained in this province on charges of promoting and spreading Christianity.

Officials from the caretaker government in Kabul have not commented on the detention of the institution’s employees so far.

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