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Letter from Female Students: We Haven’t Been Kept Away from Education, but Left Behind by Society

Bayan News – A group of female students has written a letter to world leaders stating that, after two years, they are still interested in education, and the restrictions have not kept them away from learning but left them behind by society.

Simultaneously with the two-year ban on education in 21 provinces of Afghanistan by the current Kabul government and the international community, the female students have written a letter and demanded the lifting of educational restrictions.

In their letter, the female students mention that serious social challenges such as underage marriages, suicides, and mysterious killings have arisen following educational limitations, which is concerning.

The female students from Islamic countries, the United Nations, and international organizations have requested support for their legitimate demands and their voices.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International, on the occasion of the two-year ban on girls’ education by the interim Kabul government, has urged them to reconsider their decision and reopen educational centers.

While recognizing the educational restrictions as a serious threat to Afghan girls, Amnesty International emphasized that no changes have occurred in these limitations after two years.

On the other hand, António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, stated during the United Nations General Assembly that there is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, with 70% of the country’s citizens currently in need of humanitarian aid.

He emphasized that women and girls in this country have been systematically deprived of their fundamental rights.

However, the authorities of the interim Kabul government have stated during these two years that they are not against girls’ education but that the conditions for girls in the educational environment need to be ensured.

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